“You’ll own nothing and be happy about it.” You sure about that?

The Great Reset, Davos Agenda 2021 - 'You'll Own Nothing And Be Happy' - Alex HickmanThis is a must-read, right from our own Federal government. The merry band of thieves in Ottawa exhibits no awareness that the financial difficulties of the average person are in fact caused by government intervention, taxation, and meddling. Whether it is housing affordability, inflation, high energy costs, failing healthcare programs, student debt, consumer debt–all can be traced back to either incompetence or intent.
Nowhere does the article mention the billions (if not trillions) wasted in ideological projects, cronyism, waste, scandals, kickbacks, and misguided attempts to modify economic reality. Nor is there any mention of curtailment of government spending. On the contrary, “You will own nothing, and be happy about it” means that everything you own will be owned by the government, including your paycheque. We will be on government rations for life: food, fuel, mobility, housing, healthcare (already there).
Without property rights, there are no other human rights. Economic freedom is the bedrock of other freedoms.
We will naturally expect that the writers expect to be excluded from the consequences of their plans. They will, if history is any indication, personally thrive from this “reset.”
Those who created the mess now propose a solution. This solution comes at a historically high price for families and individuals who are called of God to create a just society. The Federal solution will be in the name of Social Justice but will be anything but Just: it will create a world that is antithetical to God’s order for economics.
There is no major political party that will stand against this–although some feeble protests will be made–this is where the LPC, CPC, and NDP are headed.
The only way out of this, that I see, is a revival of the Christian faith in Canada. I do not mean more churches and more programs, with the t-shirts, coffee mugs, and “Jesus junk” that is so easily marketed. I mean a real calling upon the Name of the Lord.
We can never legislate ourselves out of hell, and unless our hell-bent world chooses life in Christ, our society will fall to this.
It is anti-Christian for the church to go full Hezekiah now (Isaiah 39:8).