Trust the Shadow People!

Trust the Shadow People!

The day after Labour Day in Canada, millions of children will return to school at publicly funded schools (including separate schools). There they are handed off to teachers who have created brightly lit classrooms that have interesting themes and back-to-school paraphernalia on the walls.

The parents will meet, at the most, the teacher, an assistant, and perhaps a principal will greet them at the door.

Parents will not meet the many administrators, counsellors, policy writers, curriculum experts, and others who create the policies that the elected board members rubber stamp in a meeting. It is never made known to the public the amount of debate over sensitive issues in the curriculum, but it appears there is very little. Policy is written by bureaucrats, by experts. These know better than parents what is good for their children.

These are the Shadow People.

They are in the shadows, hidden, unknown, and beyond critique. You don’t know their names, their values, their faith, or their goals for your children. You know nothing about them, but they will determine what your child learns for 6 hours every day, all through the school year. This is not only about the classroom curriculum, but the shadow people determine who and what are celebrated, when, and how, they will determine what is appropriate and inappropriate behaviour. They will decide what is right and wrong and truth and error. The Shadow People are the standard by which everything is measured.

It is now no secret that the Shadow People have all rights to your children’s mind, body, and soul, and parents have none. For example, it is now school board policy in Hamilton that children’s gender preferences be respected by the board and this without notifying parents. Parents will not be notified if a boy chooses to use the girls’ changeroom. Children who complain will be marked as troublemakers and will be punished. Parents cannot opt out of this.

It is legal for school personnel to encourage gender exploration, homosexuality, lesbianism, transgenderism, and all shades therein. It is board policy that homes are “not safe” for children who question their parents’ values, and so it is appropriate to counsel the child without the parents’ knowledge. But it is against the law in Canada for teachers or parents to discourage this behaviour or to offer counselling that would help a child leave such lives.

Everything in the Hamilton-Wentworth School Board is stacked against the child, parent, the family, and the Christian faith.

Everything can be done in secret, in the shadows.

And you, the parent, are told, “Trust the Shadow People.”

An Old Word on Modern Education


Robert Lewis Dabney

Robert Lewis Dabney (March 5, 1820 – January 3, 1898) was an American Christian theologian, Southern Presbyterian pastor, Confederate States Army chaplain, and architect. He was also chief of staff and biographer to Stonewall Jackson. His biography of Jackson remains in print today.

Read his booklet on education here.

End Public Health Care Now!

Not only has Canada’s single-payer health care system failed, but it has also been used to oppress and terrorize the population. We were told repeatedly that we “must protect the health-care system!” What nonsense! The health care system was allegedly designed to care for the people, but we’ve seen firsthand in the past two years that the opposite is true. Thousands of delayed or cancelled surgeries, missed diagnoses, and separation from medical care all to protect the system. Many hundreds died, or will die, due to lack of urgent treatment (unless you are the Toronto Chief Medical Officer of Health and can get cancer treatment in about a week).

Field hospitals were built for the surge of Covid patients that never came, then quietly dismantled, all at the cost of millions.

Long-term care centres became death-camps, with the added cruelty of isolation and despair, courtesy of the Ford government and co.

Medical apartheid is now the norm, with the unvaccinated receiving substandard care or no care at all.

Hospital patients were left to die alone because of bureaucratic decrees that had nothing to do with health or disease prevention.

Our system is based upon the lie that civil government can manage health care better than families and individuals can.

In Ontario, OHIP has been in serious trouble for about two decades, when politicians discovered that they could feather their own nests with windmills, solar, and other deals that paid them handsomely, while many suffered. Money was diverted for green energy that will have a long-term detrimental effect on health. You can’t stay healthy if you have to choose between heat and food, which is rapidly becoming the monthly choice for thousands.

Tax funds that could be used in real healthcare has turned palliative and hospice care into euthanasia centres and hospitals welcome children into the world on one floor while children are aborted on another. The faux science of gender reassignment and hormone therapy is fully taxpayer funded, while real illnesses and conditions are only managed. “Managed” when there are actual cures and treatments that are not funded. OHIP physical therapy is more about keeping a child content in a wheelchair than addressing their problem in the first place.

The average citizen cannot go to other countries for treatment, but the bureaucrats and wealthy politicians can. The unvaccinated cannot even leave Canada, even if they found affordable treatment elsewhere.

It is obvious that the only way forward for Canadians is to demand a private component to healthcare, to provide a real choice and an opportunity to stop paying for a dysfunctional, fascist regime of health.

The vision of Tommy Douglas has failed. We can and must do better. The security of the person and the agency of the individual are bedrock rights that are surrendered to social medicine. In our ongoing effort to take rights and freedoms away from the tyrants who usurped them (almost 100% of those in our legislatures and in Ottawa) we must not ask, but demand control over our health.

This will not come easily or without struggle. Universal health-care is something of an idol. It is supposed to be a human right, but that notion was created by people who have no real understand of the difference between a Right and an Entitlement.

Many thousands are at this moment creating a parallel society, including primary health care, that will not ask permission or funding from the government. Be nice to them, you may find that your condition has been de-listed or you are deemed not worthy of treatment.

Universal health care in Canada is a sacred cow. Thing is, sacred cows make good hamburgers.