Bonhoeffer's Legacy

“Society’s view of a Forty-Year-Old Virgin is Steve Carrell. Christianity’s view of a forty-year-old virgin should be Dietrich Bonhoeffer.” –Trevin Wax

Not everything has to be seen through the same lens.  Review of Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s new biography here.

Tomorrow is Sunday, and This Message is for Men

Tomorrow is Sunday (my apologies for those in an advanced time zone). On Sunday mornings, Christians normally gather to worship.

This message is for men, especially young men:

Look at yourself in the mirror. If your shirt has a logo, saying, or phrase on it, please change out of it. At least look at it and ask yourself, “If I were for some reason called to the front of the assembly, would the words on this shirt be an embarrassment to me, the church, or to Jesus?” “Can I say these words out loud from the pulpit of this church?”

If not, change the shirt. Then discard it. Whatever you can’t say in a worship assembly you shouldn’t be saying anywhere else, either.