Perhaps I'm not a blogger at heart

It doesn’t seem that I’m very passionate about blogging. I havn’t posted since late May, and summer has been very eventful. Today I read two articles by two men that I respect: Michael Coren’s comments on the Pope’s speech may be read here and John Piper’s comments here . It is becoming clearer that Islam is at war with unbelief (and we Christians qualify for that). The Christian world (and no, we’re not “all Catholics”) is not intellectually prepared to answer Islam. It is not that we have no answers, for we do. For the most part, Christians do not know enough about their own faith to deal with the challenges Islam presents.

Is this offensive? It’s not one of the infamous “Danish Cartoons” but certainly in the same spirit. I don’t remember where I found it, but I did not create it. Back to the question, “Is this offensive?” One of the reasons that Westerners, living on a borrowed Christian worldview and culture (rapidly fading from memory), are not so upset about religious satire is that the Christian faith began with a martrydom, and has been fueled by martyrs’ blood ever since.

Is this offensive? It is anti-Christian grafitti found in Rome several decades after Christianity was established there. It depicts an ass being crucified, and the writing says something like, “Alexomenos worships his god,” making fun of a local Christian.

Jesus’ Christianity was never about military conquest and control, despite how it was misappropriated later by the state church. The Way was established in the crucible of persecution and suffering.