41 Theses on the Megachurch Movement


Not all costs are financial.
Not all costs are financial.

I believe that as a movement, the mega-church movement is doing positive harm to the cause of Christ. Harm, not because churches are large, but because of the consumerist spin placed upon the Gospel which cannot sustain Christians to stand in the face of trial. The human-centered focus results in a pietism that is antithetical to the Gospel. So I also believe that this pietistic mindset is the cause of the call to retreat from fully engaging the culture. Preliminary research sources and theses here.

The Multi-Site Church and the Doctrine of the Church

In this lengthy post, Ted Bigelow critiques those who critique the multi-site church, by showing that bad ecclesiology makes it possible. He artfully calls all back to Scriptural church behaviour.

The multi-site movement is growing without solid Biblical footing, at least in the Restoration Movement (Christian Churches/churches of Christ). This discussion is long overdue.

Uncool Cool (Cool Uncool)

“Small Churches are seldom smooth, corporate, institutional or cool. That may be one of the coolest things about them.”

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