Trust the Shadow People!

Trust the Shadow People!

The day after Labour Day in Canada, millions of children will return to school at publicly funded schools (including separate schools). There they are handed off to teachers who have created brightly lit classrooms that have interesting themes and back-to-school paraphernalia on the walls.

The parents will meet, at the most, the teacher, an assistant, and perhaps a principal will greet them at the door.

Parents will not meet the many administrators, counsellors, policy writers, curriculum experts, and others who create the policies that the elected board members rubber stamp in a meeting. It is never made known to the public the amount of debate over sensitive issues in the curriculum, but it appears there is very little. Policy is written by bureaucrats, by experts. These know better than parents what is good for their children.

These are the Shadow People.

They are in the shadows, hidden, unknown, and beyond critique. You don’t know their names, their values, their faith, or their goals for your children. You know nothing about them, but they will determine what your child learns for 6 hours every day, all through the school year. This is not only about the classroom curriculum, but the shadow people determine who and what are celebrated, when, and how, they will determine what is appropriate and inappropriate behaviour. They will decide what is right and wrong and truth and error. The Shadow People are the standard by which everything is measured.

It is now no secret that the Shadow People have all rights to your children’s mind, body, and soul, and parents have none. For example, it is now school board policy in Hamilton that children’s gender preferences be respected by the board and this without notifying parents. Parents will not be notified if a boy chooses to use the girls’ changeroom. Children who complain will be marked as troublemakers and will be punished. Parents cannot opt out of this.

It is legal for school personnel to encourage gender exploration, homosexuality, lesbianism, transgenderism, and all shades therein. It is board policy that homes are “not safe” for children who question their parents’ values, and so it is appropriate to counsel the child without the parents’ knowledge. But it is against the law in Canada for teachers or parents to discourage this behaviour or to offer counselling that would help a child leave such lives.

Everything in the Hamilton-Wentworth School Board is stacked against the child, parent, the family, and the Christian faith.

Everything can be done in secret, in the shadows.

And you, the parent, are told, “Trust the Shadow People.”

Blogging the Revised Ontario Sex-Education Curriculum

I am using the next few blog posts to highlight the Revised Ontario Sex-education curriculum. This first post is about values:

From the curriculum for grades 1-8:

“Parents are the primary educators of their children with respect to learning about values,
appropriate behaviour, and ethnocultural, spiritual, and personal beliefs and traditions,
and they are their children’s first role models. It is therefore important for schools and
parents to work together to ensure that home and school provide a mutually supportive
framework for young people’s education.”

At the outset, if the government of Ontario really believed that the parental role is important, the parents’ religious values would not be so immediately dismissed. The consultation of parents was done by allowing one parent from each school in the province to weigh in on the program. Judging by the persistence of the protests,, it seems the wrong parents were picked for consultation. Less than 1% of parents were consulted. It should be noted that the curriculum demands the surrender of the Christian parents’ values to the values of the state. This would, I believe, be true of many non-Christian religious values.

A question period video is available about this consultation.

For those outside Ontario, Kathleen Wynne is the Premier of Ontario, similar to a governor of a U.S. state. She is also a lesbian.

Original document here.