Blogging the Revised Ontario Sex-Education Curriculum: 9 Cultural Shifts since WWII.


Nine major cultural shifts have been forced upon Christian families since World War II. This list is not complete, and certainly these did not simply arise in the mid-20th century. The philosophies and worldviews that fostered these are much older. See these articles on Cultural MarxismPart 2 is here. When we hear the words, “Social Justice,” we are, more times than not, hearing the words of Karl Marx.

  1. Delayed marriage: Delaying marriage until husband and wife both have established careers and have become financially stable, increases the risk of sexual activity outside of marriage. Parents of couple should find ways to support younger marriages, while the husband continues to learn, apprentice, or establish work. Excellent resources here.
  2. No-fault divorce: An increase in the divorce rate has brought about family destabilization, and increase in child poverty. This child poverty has become a problem of the state.
  3. The removal of charity and compassion to the state: Welfare entitlements, social safety nets, income security, government-only control of health care spending has increased the size of the state and reduced the family. It has created a generation that cannot function without support from other taxpayers.
  4. The decriminalization of adultery, fornication, pornography and sodomy as led to a loss of shame and a normalisation of sexual sin
  5. Legalisation of abortion has led to a decrease in overall population in nearly every industrialised nation, setting these nations under the judgement of God. Taxpayers unwillingly must pay for abortions.
  6. Loss of parental rights and authority: State intervention into family life through court-ordered custody, unaccountable Children’s Aid Societies, and state control of adoption agencies.
  7. Compulsory state-funded Public school: This is the industrial revolution applied to the family. Education is removed from the parents as first educators and the church as an educational resource. The Liberal government of Ontario unjustly removed tax-credits for parents who paid tuition to private schools.
  8. Homosexuality and transgenderism: The mandatory acceptance and normalisation of what is to be pitied, repented of, and avoided.
  9. The rejection of Triune God as Lord of the land, and the rejection of the Bible as His Word. Taking prayers and Christian instruction out of public schools did not cause these problems, but are a result of them.