Church Signs I Couldn't Make Up | The United Church of Canada is the CBC of Religion

Today I saw two church signs, and while I know that the United (untied?) Church of Canada is not the only liberal church gasping for air, these signs are indicative of the problem. Far and away, bizarre.

Number 1: “God Called Us to Play the Game, Not Keep the Score.”

Really, “play the game?” is this supposed to be about unfair comparison? Judgment? Self-criticism? This sign is on the busiest street in town–what are they announcing, and to whom?

Number 2 (I had to snap a photo of this one, because it was so odd I wasn’t sure I’d remember it correctly):

“We’re not here to tell you what to believe . . . We’re here to try to believe what you tell us!”

I don’t even know what they’re trying to say; about anything.




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