Revival is Not Political

I do not know of a single instance, in 2000 years of church history, where true revival in the church has come on the heels of political victory. If revival comes from God, it comes from God, and He is not influenced by the affairs of men. People will vote their values, and if their values are pagan, so will be the leaders. It is foolish to think that the “right man” (or woman) at the helm will bring back a Christian era of peace for the church. Politics, leading faith, has never happened in a good sense. We need godly leaders, but these will only arise from a godly populace, which is something we do not have today.

History is replete with examples of great political good arising from Christian revival. It is never the other way around, however.

In the US election (and Canada and Europe mirror the same sort problems), the choice is between a man who espouses a “government-is-all” idolatry, and a polytheistic (Mormon) idolatry. Christians who see government as the saviour from all earthly woes need only to consider ancient Rome and the Christian church’s place in it. Christians who think a Mormon will stand firm on anything need to look at the history and historical cover-ups within Mormonism and the sharp antithesis it is to Biblical Christianity.

No Christian should see either party as “God’s choice” in the matter; rather, in my opinion, God is not smiling, and these choices reflect judgment, not blessing.

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