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  1. This is a concerning post indeed.
    You do not speak on behalf of the human race therefore as you mention you don’t know any young person against same sex marriage you are a minority and the world will not listen to an immoral few (a moral minority can take a stand and be heard and change the world…but not you)
    And this “Even rugged beer swilling rugby stars are coming out in support of it”. Well why wouldn’t they? Above a ballerina, a teacher, a receptionist, a footballer, a drug addict, a cancer patient, a gym goer, an activist or shoe mender? What has drinking beer got to do with same sex marriage? What has playing rugby got to do with same sex marriage? What has ruggedness got to do with same sex marriage? What has being a star got to do with same sex marriage? I’ve heard some ridiculous comments in my time but this is up with some of the craziest.
    Same sex marriage isn’t now, it’s done, the battle is won and the war is over, we are just waiting for the last few to get the message. For example:
    Same-sex marriage is legally recognized in several jurisdictions within the United States. As of April 2013, nine states—Connecticut, Iowa, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Vermont, and Washington—as well as the District of Columbia and three Native American tribes[1]—have legalized same-sex marriage, representing 15.7% of the U.S. population. In addition, Rhode Island recognizes same-sex marriages performed in other jurisdictions…and this is just the US.
    Euthanasia is not next.
    It is now:
    The Belgian parliament legalised euthanasia in late September 2002
    The Canadian Medical Association has declared neutrality on the issue, it’s a case by case decision
    Colombia’s Constitutional Court ruled May 20, 2010 that “no person can be held criminally responsible for taking the life of a terminally ill patient who has given clear authorization to do so,”
    Passive euthanasia is legal in India.
    In Japan there is a legal framework and a set of conditions within which both passive and active euthanasia could be legal.
    Luxembourg’s parliament passed a bill legalizing euthanasia on 20 February 2008 in the first reading with 30 of 59 votes in favour.
    Since 7 January 2008 the law allows the terminally ill —or closest relatives, if unconscious— to refuse medication or further medical treatment to extend life (also known as passive euthanasia) in Mexico City and an initiative decriminalizing active euthanasia has begun nation wide.
    In 2002, the Netherlands passed a law legalizing euthanasia including physician assisted suicide.
    In Switzerland, deadly drugs may be prescribed to a Swiss person or to a foreigner, where the recipient takes an active role in the drug administration.[30] More generally, article 115 of the Swiss penal code, which came into effect in 1942 (having been written in 1918), considers assisting suicide a crime if and only if the motive is selfish.
    In the UK it was ruled that causing death through the administration of lethal drugs to a patient, if the intention is solely to alleviate pain, is not considered murder even if death is a potential or even likely outcome
    Across the majority of America patients retain the rights to refuse medical treatment and to receive appropriate management of pain at their request (passive euthanasia), even if the patients’ choices hasten their deaths and assisted suicide is legal in three states: Oregon, Washington and Montana.
    So you’re plan to stay two steps ahead is failing.

    Although you did manage to suggest one thing for the future that I do see coming…and that is the end of Christianity, and all religions that promote hated; hatred towards your neighbours, towards your brothers, towards your wives and your children. You would have them killed for many different reasons according to your bible.

    Read how your bible asks you to kill infants here there and everywhere for being born in a different area to you and tell me that rational, logical, reasonable, and therefore atheist people will be promoting such a hideous thing.

    Infanticide has become less common in the Western world. The frequency has been estimated to be approximately 1 in 3000-5000 children of all ages. (And guess where atheism is most prevalent? That’s right, in the Western world.)
    The most common countries practising infanticide are (in no particular order):
    Africa (Islamic in the North and Eastern boarder and Christian in the South)
    North Korea (This mainly due to concern that impregnation may have been caused by Chinese citizens)
    Pakistan (Vast majority is Islam, the rest Christian)
    The US ranked fourth for those killed from 1 through 14 years (Christian country)
    China (This is due to an over population and gender preference, but it is a religious country)

    And do yourself a favour, don’t refer to yourself as a potential prophet, you can’t predict the future if you don’t know what’s currently happening in the world.

  2. I don’t claim to be a prophet–but I can tell a human from an animal, and human behaviour from animal. We are choosing the latter. Atheism, Islam, Abortion, Euthanasia, Infanticide, and Communism have won the bloodiest century of human history award, and are looking to win again. Sad, because they shall all fail.

    1. I have a heart…so do animals
      I have skin…so do animals
      I have a brain…so do animals
      I can communicate…so can animals
      I reproduce…so do animals…

      my cells are animal cells…so are animals…

      you are an animal…a stupid, bias, uneducated, fool of an animal…who is so blinded by his “Light from God” that he cannot see that he is the same as us…animals
      also known as a beast
      You sir…are a beast
      an animal beast
      that is an animal


      1. You might be right, at least about what happens when we choose to be animals:

        An animal shows no compassion, but seeks survival first
        An animal might eat its young.
        An animal will abandon its young if it is wounded, disabled, or handicapped.
        An animal will not care for its aged.

        An animal is not created in the image of God, and that’s the difference. Mankind is created to live eternally, with or apart from God, in a heaven or a hell.

        Given the ethics abortionists, euthanasiaists, et al, our hospitals could be a lot smaller. If we are animals, we should eliminate all those who cannot contribute to the pack. That is exactly what is happening. Over 300 million girls are missing, due entirely to sex-selective abortions. Every year the US aborts more children than the number of soldiers it lost during all its wars.

        I don’t think we’re animals, but I think far too many have abandoned critical thinking (something animals don’t have), and are adopting animal behaviour.

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