I Know Some People Who Understand this Well.

Sadly, many do not.


2 Replies to “I Know Some People Who Understand this Well.”

  1. How about not forcing your opinion down other people’s throats who just really don’t want to hear it?
    Religion is a choice ! Accept that not everyone will think the same things as you and live your life the way you want- don’t tell other people how they should live theirs.

  2. How does my personal opinion on my own blog constitute “forcing” it down any person’s throat? I completely understand that many, if not most, people will not live their lives in ways I might recommend. I’m also sure that you, being a smart and tolerant young person, would not think of telling others how to live their lives–except when you just told me to not “tell other people other people how they should live.” You see, you just did what you told me not to do. Isn’t pluralism fun?

    Why is it that those who pride themselves on possessing the moral superiority of tolerance are the first to tell others to pipe down? It seems to be a disease of the young, and of the children of the 60’s who never quite grew up.

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