When Did YOU Become Radicalized?

We’ve heard a lot about the far-right, its evils, and how it is a radical blight on the Republic (US). Slandrously, many who are not racist or anti-semites (like Black and Jewish conservatives) are lumped in with neo-Nazis as “alt-right.” I am considered such because I believe in the sanctity of human life, the rule of law, that same-sex marriage is a myth and transgenderism is a gnostic heresy. There’s more, but that’s enough to destroy my reputation. In short, I believe as Christians have for 2000 years. My beliefs and morals would not seem off-putting to a Christian from centuries ago, although my spiritual dullness could offend.
Somehow, though, I became a radical without really changing my views on much of anything. I don’t think I was radicalized, but now I’m a religious extremist. The goalposts have been moved.
But the Democrat party has moved to the far left. Republicans have not moved to the right, but the Democrat party has moved far enough left that AOC and her gang is the norm, and Clinton represents the establishment.
The normal Democrat now believes that abortion to the moment of birth is acceptable and a human right; in the future that will be extended to a time after birth.
These (abortion, and euthanasia) are radical positions that share a love of death with the French Revolution, the Nazis, and Communists. The modern Left is enamoured with all three. If you are a Democrat or a New Democrat in Canada, look into it. The ideas of centralization, collectivism, fascism and the ultimate elimination of individual rights and liberties are all present throughout the platform.
But there’s more:
Transgenderism, which is anti-science, has schools, courts, and HR departments in a stranglehold. It has an extreme impact on women, especially young women in school and sports. Women in prison are already victims of men who are transgendered women. The trans-movement allows no questions or dissent.
The Left has rejected marriage as the primary unit of reproduction and nurture. This is very recent, but we are to believe it is progressive, although same-sex marriage is always barren/
The establishment of state-run health rationing in the name of health care. This politicizes health care and priorities are left in the hands of the State, not the medical professionals and their patients.
A radically transformed world in which government has a much greater role in everyday life, from the family, school, church, employment and economic activity, and trade. At the present, and certainly, in the future, no action will be permitted without State approval.
State-approval for speech. Speech-codes, trigger warnings, campus safe-spaces, and censorship.
Inclusiveness that excludes dissent, tolerance that tolerates little.
Critical Race Theory, which creates permanent victims and unredeemable oppressors. One’s group is determined by birth.
So, while most media asks, “When did the right become radicalized?” It might be better to ask, “Democrats, when were you radicalized? Are you even aware of the shift?”
The radicalization of the Left, along with its rise to power in Canada, and now in the US, signals not progress, but the demise of humanity. The 20th century was the bloodiest in human history and progressivism (communism, socialism, fascism) murdered 100,000,000 people, espousing the same principles in Leftist parties today.
Radical indeed.