It’s an Abomination


It might surprise you to learn that God doesn’t use the word abomination frequently, and certainly not lightly. Unclean foods, for example, are not called an abomination, but unclean. In the New Testament, all foods are clean and permissible (Mark 7:19, Luke 11:41; Acts 10:15; Acts 11:9). Abomination is arguably the strongest term possible for the kind of sin that is without exception, the most offensive to God (for a complete list, click here). This list is eye-opening, but I want to look at only on abomination: injustice.

Look at (Proverbs 16:11; Proverbs 20:10, Proverbs 20:23; Leviticus 19:35-36). It is the responsibility of magistrates, indeed all people, to demand equality before the law. When the police, politicians, and judges do not treat each individually the same, it is an abomination before God. We have become so used to this that we hardly notice win the Jonkers are singled out for alleged crimes that are being committed by others on this very day: federal workers are on strike and blocking taxpayers’ entrance to government buildings; the darlings of the NDP, Antifa, routinely through tantrums at events they deem hateful and acting with violence to all who might oppose them; we all know of the chaos in Caledonia created several times where the city was cut in half by aboriginal protesters; climate cultists often block rail lines and roads.

In all of these, few if any face any criminal charges.

The problem of partiality and unequal weights is that it divides people into approved, favoured, and righteous groups from the unapproved, unclean, undeserving, deplorables. This is acceptable from the Prime Minister all the way down to local governments and school boards. This injustice is ironically committed in the name of justice. It is the essence of Critical Race Theory (CRT).

Justice is no longer directed toward the individual, but to the group to which the individual belongs. Harold Jonker and others belong to the out group so he will be singled out for criminal charges, while others are allowed to continue in their criminal behaviour. The Canadian state-subsidized (state-owned) media will cheer for his prosecution.

This is truly a national abomination, and God, who never shows partiality, will judge it. The list of verses that give examples of abominations is 10 pages long, but if you read them you will soon realise that many repeat or re-emphasize particular sins: idolatry, occult involvement, homosexuality, human sacrifice, cross-dressing, and a few more. Unequal Weights (partiality before the law, injustice) ranks among these gross sins. It is far too easy for the Christian to think, “That’s too bad—he’s not getting a fair shake while others are getting away with it.” It far worse than Jonker not getting a fair hearing, it is the kind of world-view failure that will bring down a nation. May it be so, and quickly.