The Multi-Site Church and the Doctrine of the Church

In this lengthy post, Ted Bigelow critiques those who critique the multi-site church, by showing that bad ecclesiology makes it possible. He artfully calls all back to Scriptural church behaviour.

The multi-site movement is growing without solid Biblical footing, at least in the Restoration Movement (Christian Churches/churches of Christ). This discussion is long overdue.

About Small Churches

“I propose that the following is true about the New Small Church

We are not sick

We are not failing

We are not stuck

We are not incompetent

We are not limited in our vision

We do not need to be fixed

We are not less than…

We are God’s idea.

We are small. Because we are small we have blessings to offer the body of Christ, our communities, our cities, our nations and our world that no one else can offer in quite the way we can.”

Vaters, Karl (2013-01-02). The Grasshopper Myth: Big Churches, Small Churches and the Small Thinking that Divides Us (Kindle Locations 216-224). Kindle Edition.